Made me belly laugh. Just brilliant!

Absolutely loved Suki last night! Superb!

So funny!

Suki Rocks!

Made my heart sing

Best live show I've seen in years

Captivating, hilarious tales from Suki SilverTongue had a tentfull under her spell. A brilliant performance.
Sam Morgan, Medley Productions

How wonderful to hear funny, sexy, lyrical rhymes that not just amused an audience but had them rollicking around with laughter. Beautifully delivered from a sassy performer. Modern Victorian music hall saucy banter.
Cosmo Hardy, Foolhardy Circus Arts

A triumph: funny, astute, tender and with great verbal dexterity. What really impresses me is how well Suki is able to make the transitions of tone between hilarity, clever linguistic pastiche, and moments of serious reflection about sex, love and the state of the world.
Sarah Walker, Tales from The Undercroft

An awesome performance! Wonderful words woven into tales that make us laugh, think and smirk in equal measure!!
Justine de Mierre, Artistic Director, East Anglian Storytelling Festival